Top Tips for Getting Through Pregnancy

Pregnancy opens up a new and unknown world of body changes and feelings not to mention all of the medical terminology that makes you think you’re beginning to learn a whole new language! For many first time mums pregnancy can seem like somewhat of a minefield so we thought we’d collate some top tips from mums who can offer advice and help you to enjoy every minute of what is such an incredibly special time for you and your baby!

What to expect from your midwife in the first four weeks after birth - Mums

Here are some of our favourites…

“Do what your body is telling you… If that’s rest then rest, if it’s eat chips, eat chips!

Stacey Smith


“Stay active. Go for walks everyday even if it is just a walk round your garden. The fresh air and exercise is good for your health and morale.”

Fleur Hamline-Stewart


“Trust your instincts. Be persistent if you suspect anything isn’t 100% right. No one knows your baby better than you.”

Laura Wu


“It’s ok if you do feel a bit down in the dumps to say that. Not every single person feels happy, warm and glowing through pregnancy. If you do feel this way it’s just your hormones, you will feel better once you see that little gorgeous baby – it will feel so worth it. I felt down in one pregnancy but on top of the world in another. Everyone is different. Enjoy it and take lots of pics!”

Haylay Armstrong


“Be gentle with yourself and invest in ‘me’ time. Yoga, reading, naps. Enjoy the wonders of growing a human being!”

Hannah Gordon


“Get a good pregnancy pillow and make the most of going out while you can. Cinema, dinners out etc. Oh and try to grab a holiday while you can, you might think ‘oh I can’t be bothered, I want to save the money for when the baby is here’ or ‘I’m too exhausted and achey, it’s not worth it’ but believe me it really is.”

Becky Rowles


“Try some pregnancy yoga. Great for stretching and posture as your bump grows. Relaxation and breathing techniques are excellent tools for labour and birth.”

Sam Collins


“If you intend to breastfeed get in touch and meet up with your local breastfeeding support group to hear all the breastfeeding success stories while you’re still pregnant because it is harder than it may seem, even if it is the most natural way to feed your baby.”

Aija Steinbrka


“Sleep when you need it and make sure you’ve got some really comfy loose PJs, it is all I wear when I’m at home. Oh, and treat yourself to a pregnancy massage near the end, you deserve it!”

Lauren Kpb


“Invest in a pregnancy pillow to help you sleep. Trust your instincts. Ask for help. Prepare as much homemade food as you can in the run up to the birth and freeze it so you have a supply afterwards. Oh, and swim – it makes you feel weightless and is so wonderful, especially if you have SPD or aches and pains!”

Kate Fever


“A big, bouncy yoga type ball helped me with aches and pains in the later few weeks and it’s great for gentle exercise after birth.”

Laura Hainsworth


“Stay clear of googling any twinge you might have.”

Amy Murkin


“Don’t tell anyone your exact due date! If you go over it you’ll be fed up and bombarded with messages and calls asking ‘have you not had that baby yet?’ I went 11 days over with mine and I was well and truly fed up. Next time I’m going to be vague with when I’m due and just tell people the month.”

Georgina Stevens


“Never turn down help or a nap. Most importantly, trust your instincts and understand your options for pregnancy, birth and beyond.”

Elizabeth Merriman


Don’t forget if you have any questions about pregnancy and breastfeeding join our online support services on our Facebook page. We hold a weekly Drop-in-Clinic and monthly Pregnancy Hour and Breastfeeding Café, pop by and our lactation consultant, Sioned will be on hand to help.